We don't usually use a / an or the when there is no article


Learn when not to use a / an or the


Don't use a / an or the with no article pictures


We don't usually use a / an when there is no article pictures.   

Transcript from the picture 

  1. people's names and titles
  2. named shops and companies 
  3. cities, towns, states and regions
  4. most countries and continents
  5. mountains, hills and lakes
  6. most roads. streets, squares  and parks
  7. named airports and stations
  8. schools, universities, etc.
  9. times, days and months
  10. languages, school subjects and sports
  11. means of transport and communication
  12. meals 
  13. nouns + numbers
  1. David Mr Brown Professor Smith Uncle John
  2. Harrods Tesco Microsoft United Airlines
  3. London Sydney Madrid Florida Tuscany
  4. Russia Japan Turkey Australia Asia Europe Africa
  5. Mount Vesuvius Box Hill Lake Placid
  6. Park Lane Oxford Street Trafalgar Square times Square Central Park (BUT the M25 the high street)
  7. Miami Airport Birmingham Bus Station Victoria Station
  8. Bradford Grammar School Yale University
  9. at three o’clock at midday on Monday in December
  10. English Polish history basketball tennis football
  11. by train by bus by email by phone (BUT on foot and in person)
  12. What time is dinner? Let's meet after lunch. (BUT a snack)
  13. Go to check-in 3A. I’m in Room 334. Look at page 98.


Picture 2 a / an or the with no article

Don't use a / an or the with no article picture