Modal verbs with examples used in a sentence English grammar lesson


Learning what modal verbs are and how to use modal verbs

Modal verbs are also called  'modal', 'modal auxiliary verb' or 'modal auxiliary'

What are modal verbs?

A modal verbs are a type of verb that are used to show something is possible, certain, probable or not possible. They are also used to make request, make offers, ability and ask for permission.

be able to,  can,  can't,  could,  have to,  may,  might, 

must,  need to,  needn't,  shall,  should,  will,  would, 

Modal verbs 

Modal verbs list with examples of how to use in a sentence


Examples of the most common modal verbs used in a sentence

Modal verbs Examples
can1 He can really dance.
can2 That can indeed hinder your chances of a winning.
can3 You can dance underwater.
could1 She could swim when she was just 4 years old.
could2 That could happen soon.
may1 May I stay you just a little longer?
may2 That may be a problem if you don't fix it properly.
might The weather might improve later on.
must1 Kitty must go to school everyday this week.
must2 It must be cold outside. The pond as frozen over
shall You shall not pass through here with out a pass.
should1 You should stop that or you are going to hurt yourself.
should2 That should be surprising.
will1 David will try to lie to you if your friends long enough.
will2 will meet you later.
would Nothing would accomplish that.

Examples of modal verbs in a sentence 

Examples of modal verbs in a sentence

Examples of what modal verbs are used for


Examples of what modal verbs are for